Classroom Storage Solutions

“Proper storage is about creating a home for something so that minimal effort is required to find it and put it away.” Geralin Thomas

This quote perfectly sums up the purpose of classroom storage. At Woods Furniture we provide countless classroom storage furniutre options that can fit into a variety of different spaces.

Our school storage solutions are perfect for school bags (school bag storage units) which are designed into cabinets and easy to ensemble as classroom storage units to fit into a variety of spaces.

These school storage units and cabinets will not only utilise the space, but are well-designed to serve the purpose that’s required for them.

What is important when looking for the right classroom storage furniture for school bags, cabinets, bookshelf and staging storage units? Here are four helpful tips.

  1. Easily accessed – There is nothing worse then having a storage system that is hard to access. The PLS A-D series provides a range of options that can cater for Early childhood settings to young adults. The mid height lockers can be placed together to create added bench space inside and outside of the classroom. These lockers are also the perfect school bag storage units with built in shelves for easy storage of school supplies as well as ample space for bags.
  2. Mobile or easily moved – Mobile book mate and book buddy are easily moved to cater for ever changing learning spaces. Many Teachers love rearranging their learning spaces and these book storage stations provide the opportunity for that to happen in an easy way. There are also several trolley options with or without tubs that can be used for resources like stationary or even laptops. These mobile classroom storage cabinets are the perfect choice for spaces like Libraries and classrooms that don’t want to have a set furniture layout.
  3. Flexible options – The JS storage trolley is a great piece of classroom storage furniture. It can be used for a variety of different purposes from art resources, student work and science labs and it provides different sized storage compartments. The Mobile Storage Porter Type C also comes with dual sized recesses that give you optimum flexibility and tubs in black and blue can also be provided for the ultimate mobile storage system. The bookshelf can be the perfect classroom bookshelf in a high school classroom or could be used in a foyer or staffroom to display awards or photos.
  4. Modern colours and designs – Many of the storage solutions that Woods Furniture provide come in a range of sizes and colours. You can choose from bold colours like Olympia red to subtle colours like parchment. The lockers come with ample choice when it comes to choosing the right colour for your space. There are also options for you to choose different colours for the steel frames of the mobile storage trolleys and tubs. The wide range of colours are well-suited to the modern learning space. Many of the products used to create these modern designed are derived from recycled materials which is another positive.

Depending on what you are looking for there is a storage solution for your space. No matter if you’re in need of school bag storage units, other classroom storage units or classroom storage cabinets – we have a variety of classroom storage furniture available. If you need any help give the Experts at Woods Furniture a call.