Hendrix Table

The Hendrix Table provides a more informal organic shaped table to soften the traditional corporate or school environment aesthetic.

Utilising the same V tube profile of the Corporate Tables, the Hendrix table is ideal as a stand alone meeting or coffee table.


Available in the following dimensions (mm):


This is a durable decorative panel made from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. The tops are extremely durable and moisture resistant. This is an E1 rated product.
Note : Timber grain finishes may have colour variations.

*  Additional cost applies

  • Bush Medicine* Finish
    Bush Medicine*
  • Coastal Water* Finish
    Coastal Water*
  • Footsteps On Country* Finish
    Footsteps On Country*
  • Mangroves At Night* Finish
    Mangroves At Night*
  • White Finish
  • Oyster Grey Finish
    Oyster Grey
  • Seasoned Oak Finish
    Seasoned Oak
  • Zincworks Finish
  • Ironstone Finish
  • Juicy Finish
  • Raw Birchply Finish
    Raw Birchply
  • Terril Finish
  • Portsea Finish
  • Coastal Sunrise Finish
    Coastal Sunrise
  • Rural Oak Finish
    Rural Oak
  • Fox Teakwood Finish
    Fox Teakwood
  • Pillarbox Finish
  • Olivine Finish
  • Amethyst Finish
  • Diamond Gloss Whiteboard Finish
    Diamond Gloss Whiteboard

13mm DuraTough Premium
Our extremely tough and moisture resistant DuraTough now comes with a premium soft touch matte finish, which is fingerprint, stain and scratch resistant.

  • Soft Matte Black Finish
    Soft Matte Black
  • Soft Matte White Finish
    Soft Matte White

Durable powder-coated steel frame for strength and support.

*Surcharge applies for the Metal Gloss Powdercoat finish.

  • Hammertone Finish
  • Light Grey Finish
    Light Grey
  • Parakeet Finish
  • Silver Pearl Finish
    Silver Pearl
  • Textura Black Finish
    Textura Black
  • Textura White Finish
    Textura White
  • Metal Gloss* Finish
    Metal Gloss*
  • Storm Front Finish
    Storm Front
  • Gully Finish
  • Deep Pool Finish
    Deep Pool
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