Springside West Secondary College

Case Study

Springside College opened at the start of the 2018 school year and has approximately 160 students and Years 3-6, with 7 teachers at the school. Being a foundation school (opened in 2018), the initial furniture needs were quite compact having 171 students at the school currently.

This school is also growing very rapidly, so is constantly expanding with new learning areas opening almost every year.

“I believe the keys to creating positive outcomes in a collaborative teaching space are, flexible teaching areas which are not cluttered and allow for easy movement throughout the building.”

“The key elements we looked for when purchasing our school furniture was practical, long lasting and affordable as well as being attractive – not boring,” said Helen Staindl, Principal of Springside College.”

The finishes used were under the direction of the Foundation Principal, giving the spaces colour and vibrancy whilst still looking like learning environments. Different shapes were chosen so each space is both collaborative and unique.

The key to planning learning spaces is to have a clear philosophy and that the best schools cater for different learning needs and approaches to teaching.

“In my view this necessitates a mix of collaboration, direct pedagogy and constant evidence based practice.”

“School furniture should be comfortable, functional and consistent with the aesthetic design of the school.”

“I have found Woods to be a responsive and professional company, who produce a high quality product,” Principal John Goodman added.

Helen said, “We would certainly recommend Woods Furniture. Their product and service has always been very good and should there be any issues they are prompt to sort them out.”

John Goodman
Foundation Principal | Springside West Secondary College